Paulo Gualano@ Boteco Miami

Paulo Gualano celebrated  with his Samba Team at Boteco Miami, with Feijoada and Churrasco and lots of friends! Feel the vibe ! Domingo, dia 09/12 foi um dia especial para Paulo Gualano e toda a sua equipe de samba. Gualano ofereceu no Boteco Miami um belo churrasco, galeto assado, feijoada, salada bar e muita cerveja…

Boca Beach Club- Floribbean Welcome Reception-51st Grand Boule

Twenty-five “heavy duty”  buses were responsible to carry 1,600 guests from their hotels and residences for the Boca Beach Club at A1A in Boca Raton, where the  event was held on Saturday, 16/06/2012. The “51st Grand Boule – Floribbean Welcome Reception”, and the vast majority of guests of Caribbean origin.

Paulo Gualano and his musical journey

The Month of June so far has been proof that Brazil is the biggest success in the US and the world. Paulo Gualano the Ambassador of Brazil has been really busy to take his show to all that request his presence, and that even includes the Macy’s campaign in South Florida, parties, and American Companies…


SAMBA & CARTIER TOGETHER?   The company’s director of the  most accurate  Swiss watch and world famous CARTIER, had its farewell party after 23 years of dedication to the job. 

Brazil represented in the Nation’s Soccer Cup Miami

Sabado, 04 de fevereiro o Ted Hendricks Stadium em Hialeah, foi anfitrião de mais um campeonato de futebol de times locais. Todos os países que competiram, como o Brasil, Chile, Nicaragua, Equador, Estados Unidos, Venezuela e Mexico também levaram seus grupos folclóricos para representa-los.