What’s Love, if not White Diamonds Elizabeth Taylor?

This Valentine’s Day don’t rely on flowers – instead, pamper your love with the glamorous White Diamonds Elizabeth Taylor Valentine’s Day Gift Set complete with a gold, jeweled clutch. Few women have inspired and embodied love more ardently than the legendary Elizabeth Taylor. Her famous words, “a girl can always have more diamonds” are never…

CAROLEE Candy Colored Baubles: A Sweet Treat For Valentines

Flower motifs and bright candy colors are the newsmakers in jewelry this Valentine’s Day season, according to industry experts.  “Luscious pinks, corals and warm topaz colorations are hot right now,” says Jill Maier, Vice President of Design at leading fashion jewelry company CAROLEE.

Valentine’s Day at Cafe Mineiro Orlando

In a beautiful setting all decorated for Valentine’s Day, Cafe Mineiro as usual gave its best, with high quality food and service, treating all their guests with nothing but the Best.