You Have to Feel it to Believe It: Trojan(TM) Expands Its Bedroom Offering with the Launch of Trojan(TM) Lubricants

Announcement comes on the heels of new research from Indiana University, which reveals that 82 percent of users believe lubricant enhances sexual pleasure The makers of TROJAN(TM) Sexual Health products today announced the launch of TROJAN(TM) Lubricants, the latest pleasure-enhancing innovation available at retailers nationwide. The new line includes three high-quality varieties, each specially designed…

Water for people- Wine for US- Local effort Global Impact

Millions of people in the world still don’t have clean water, sanitation,¬†toilets, they sometimes danger themselves in order to get water, for their family. Somewhere in the world tonight will not have clean water to drink and maybe even get ill if they drink what they have, which is dirty water.¬†